As outlined in Ballina Shire Council's Water Meter Policy application can be made for private meters to be read and maintained by Council on a case-by-case basis given the following conditions are met:

  • Meters are at the boundary and are readily accessible for reading or Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Devices are installed.
  • Meters are in good condition, of suitable quality and have the appropriate level of backflow prevention. If not, meters can be upgraded through Council at the applicant’s cost.

Process requires a:

  • Signed letter from Body Corporate and all tenants (signed by Body Corporate representative and all tenants) confirming intention to transition to sub-meter billing, confirming intention to pay all costs
  • Council to issue sundry debtor invoice for payment
  • Payment received by Council
  • Council staff issue water meters to Body Corporate’s plumber to install (pick up from Depot when advised), including Council’s AMR devices, if/as required
  • Council staff inspect / read water meters / commission radio devices

Please also note that once an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) device is fitted on your water meter you would be eligible to apply for Council’s smart metering service of $20* per year per assessment. See more information on Smart Metering and its advantages.

Body Corporate’s should provide a signed letter upfront agreeing to pay:

  • $350* per meter plus minimum call out fee (if meters are not in a readily accessible location)
  • $50* per meter plus minimum call out fee (if meters are in a readily accessible location)
  • Plus additional $150* per meter and $20* per assessment if desired for smart metering services

Fees that apply:

1. AMR Device Cost - Are the water meters located in a readily accessible location for reading?

  •  If yes, $0 (but you could then have them installed anyway for $150* per radio device
  •  If no, then the cost can vary depending on radio reception quality, but typically less than $300* per meter.

2. Water Meter Upgrade Cost - Are the water meters of a suitable condition, quality etc?

  • If yes $0
  • If no, Council would issue your new water meters at a cost of $50* per meter (for 20mm meters), depending on actual costs to Council, to be installed by your plumber

3. Council inspections / attending site

  • Minimum call out of four hours for field staff to attend site, currently $530*

*All fees are based on the 2017/18 financial year. To check the current rates and charges, please visit Ballina Shire Council's website

For more information call Council on 1300 864 444.

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