Water Outage - Crane Street and Martin Street, Ballina

Water News

For Stage Two of the Crane Street Water Main Renewal project, Ballina Shire Council will be carrying out works along a section of Crane Street and Martin Street.

This will require a water outage from 9am to 3pm on Saturday 22 May 2021.

The temporary water outage will impact approximately 40 properties on:

  • Crane Street (between Cherry Street and Norton Street)
  • Martin Street  (between Tamar Street and Swift Street)

During this time no drinking water will be available via internal or external water outlets.

Impacted residents will receive a notification flyer in their mailbox.

Tips to prepare for a temporary water outage:

  • Store drinking water in preparation for the interruption. 
  • When your water returns it may be discoloured. This is due to sediment. Please run the tap until your water runs clear. 
  • Small air bubbles cause milky water; this is not harmful and will settle after a short period. 
  • Please leave taps off during the interruption, as water may return at any time.

Signage will be in place with traffic control as needed.

Ballina Shire Council thanks impacted residents for their patience during these essential works.

For enquiries regarding this outage please contact council’s Water and Wastewater Section on 1300 864 444.