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In the last six months Council has upgraded several Sewer Pump Stations to safeguard against dry weather sewer overflows. The work involved installation of large underground reinforced concrete tanks. The tanks provide emergency storage for sewage in the event of mechanical equipment failure and power outages.

Eight of nine sites have been completed to date, including pump stations at: Cawley Close, Cedar Court, Granada Parade, The Serpentine, Bayview Drive, Anderson Street, Central Park and the Airport. The size of the excavations presented a number of challenges for Council’s construction personnel, particularly in highly visible areas such as the Airport building entrance, Cawley Close adjacent to Alstonville High School, and Bayview Drive adjacent to the bike path.

It has been pleasing to see positive reaction from the community, especially regarding the standard of site rehabilitation.

Cawley Close

Anderson street Bayview Drive

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The $1.1 million replacement of the Smith Drive Water Main has recently been completed.

The 4.5km long, 80-year-old pipeline accounted for around 16% of the Shire’s total water loss (ie 16% of 785 ML). This equated to water leaking away at a rate of 3.9 litres per second. In monetary terms, it amounted to $1 million of lost water over 10 years (which did not include cost of ongoing maintenance and repairs). Initial indications suggest the project has been very successful, with actual water savings even greater than original estimates.