More than a decade in the planning, the keenly anticipated recycled water service to transform Ballina Shire Council’s water supplies is on the eve of starting.

On 10 June 2016 the NSW Department of Primary Industries – Water granted approval for the service to begin, under the Local Government Act 1993.

The Mayor of Ballina Shire Council, David Wright, will celebrate the turning on of recycled water at the Lennox Head Wastewater Treatment Plant at the official launch on Friday 1 July.

The recycled water service will initially be delivered, starting on Tuesday 5 July, to some 160 new houses at Lennox Head and Angels Beach. From there, Council will roll-out the program to supply some 7200 homes across the Shire.

Ballina Shire Council recently upgraded ageing infrastructure on Cabbage Tree Island to ensure local water and wastewater assets continue to run smoothly.

Included in this program of upgrades, undertaken on behalf of Jali Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC), was the completion of an upgrade to the Cabbage Tree Island sewage pump stations in May 2016.

Ballina Shire Council’s Manager, Water and Wastewater, Tim Mackney, said the upgrade had been made possible under an agreement with the NSW government and Jali LALC in Ballina.

“Council has upgraded and replaced the two pump stations at Cabbage Tree Island and will continue to maintain and service the pump stations under an agreement with the NSW Government,” Mr Mackney said.

“The upgraded pump stations will benefit the Cabbage Tree Island Aboriginal community.”

Our factsheets explain everything you need to know about recycled water, whether you live, work or holiday in Ballina Shire.

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New investigations to find and repair water leakages has commenced across Ballina Shire as part of a $1.5 million Pressure and Leakage Management Plan.

Ballina Shire Council’s Manager, Water and Wastewater, Tim Mackney said the program was a timely reminder of how much every drop counts.

In the lead up to International Recycling Day on 17 May 2016, Mr Mackney said Council’s commitment to saving water not only included locating water losses but also rolling out a new recycled water service to households.

“Under Ballina Shire Council’s $1.5 million Pressure and Leakage Management program we have continued with the next phase of investigating water losses across Ballina,” Mr Mackney said.