Find out what Lennox Head residents think of recycled water and how Ballina Shire Council is making waves in the national water scene. 

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“I use recycled water for all uses except cooking and drinking, I am very comfortable using it, to me it is clean and odour free.” This was one of a number of similar responses obtained from a recent survey conducted by Ballina Shire Council to gauge the level of satisfaction of local residents who were turned on to recycled water during the service’s initial roll out phase in July this year.
According to the survey, a majority of recycled water users were satisfied with the quality of the service, which included its pressure, clarity and convenience.
“I think the quality is excellent and I support the inclusion of recycled water into our shire over the long term,” responded another satisfied local recycled water user.
Strategic Engineer Water and Wastewater Andrew Swan said that he was happy with the level of satisfaction depicted in the survey results but said the level of understanding could be improved.

More than a decade in the planning, the keenly anticipated recycled water service to transform Ballina Shire Council’s water supplies is on the eve of starting.

On 10 June 2016 the NSW Department of Primary Industries – Water granted approval for the service to begin, under the Local Government Act 1993.

The Mayor of Ballina Shire Council, David Wright, will celebrate the turning on of recycled water at the Lennox Head Wastewater Treatment Plant at the official launch on Friday 1 July.

The recycled water service will initially be delivered, starting on Tuesday 5 July, to some 160 new houses at Lennox Head and Angels Beach. From there, Council will roll-out the program to supply some 7200 homes across the Shire.