From 1 October 2017 recycled water will be turned on to over 700 properties in Ballina.

Shortly, Ballina Heights, Ferngrove Estate, River Oaks Estate and North Ballina residents will start receiving the innovative water source. 

Recycled water is key to meeting future water demands as our local area continues to grow. During drought it means more water is preserved for drinking, cooking and bathing. Recycled water costs only 80 per cent of the usual water rate and will be available at new properties.

Benefits of recycled water:

  • crystal clean and safe
  • cheaper to use
  • available 24/7 and in drought
  • helps conserve precious drinking water
  • reduces water discharge into our local waterways

Information for users

Residents and property owners will shortly receive a letter and further information about their recycled water turn on.

recycled water guide front cover image  Download and read your recycled water user guide here
  OR visit our Customer Service Centre to collect your free user pack (located at 40
  Cherry Street, Ballina).




image open day tour treatment plant

Ever wondered how recycled water is made?

Come along to our Open Day to inspect the impressive recycled water treatment facility at the Lennox Head Wastewater Treatment Plant.

This is a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes and see the treatment process that wastewater undergoes before it is delivered to households as recycled water. Each tour will take approximately 30 minutes and there will be 15 people per tour.

DATE: Wednesday 18 October 2017
TIME: 10am – 12pm (tours will run every 30 minutes)
BYO:  Wear enclosed shoes, hat and bring an umbrella if it looks like rain
LOCATION:  352 North Creek Road, Skennars Head 
RSVP:  Communications Officer
            1300 864 444
            email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We hope to see you there!


The roll out of Council’s revolutionary recycled water project continues as the team gears up for Ballina’s turn on. 

Over 700 Ballina households will begin receiving recycled water for household use in the coming months. Residents in Ballina Heights, Ferngrove Estate, River Oaks Estate and North Ballina will enjoy the clean and safe water source which costs only 80 per cent of the usual water rate.

Recycled water is crystal clean and safe, cheaper to use and is available 24/7 in drought. It’s also suitable for a range of uses inside and outside of the home. These include washing pets, cars, bikes and boats, flushing toilets, irrigating gardens, and the cold water laundry tap.

This innovative water program is at the forefront of Australia’s recycled water technology and is ensuring a sustainable water supply for future generations.

Lennox Head residents have already given recycled water a big thumbs up. Since the service began last year it’s received a wave of support from Lennox Head locals who have said the water quality is excellent and were supportive of long term use in the community.

In the coming months Council will inform residents and local businesses in the area about the many uses of recycled water.

water interruption

Received one of these in your letter box? Don't throw it out. 

These water supply interruption cards are hand delivered by Council staff to properties with upcoming changes to their water service. 

Council has introduced these cards to inform the community about upcoming essential works that impact on their property’s water service.

Council appreciates the community’s patience during works and endeavours to return water services to normal as quickly as possible.

For further information call Ballina Shire Council's Water and Wastewater Team on 02 6686 4444.


On Wednesday 22 March 2017 the United Nation's World Water Day will pull the plug on wastewater.

Each year, the average Australian produces 44,000 litres of wastewater or ‘used’ water that goes into our sewer systems.

This World Water Day, Ballina Shire Council is asking residents to think twice about their wastewater and the materials they are pouring down their drain.

Foreign items such as ‘flushable’ wipes have been a major problem for the Shire’s pipes, but this year Council is honing in on another culprit clogging our sewers – fat. The number of blocked sewers due to fat build up within our pipes and pump stations is on the rise.

“People flushing foreign matter down the toilet isn’t the only problem, what gets put down drains and sinks also block our sewers,” said Water and Wastewater Manager, Ms Bridget Walker.

“Cooking oils and fats solidify on the walls of the pipelines and over time cause constrictions, which results in blockages. This becomes expensive to repair and clean,” said Ms Walker.

These unnecessary maintenance costs also impact on funding for essential infrastructure upgrades and ultimately costs the rate payer.

To keep Ballina Shire’s pipes clear and working correctly, we all need to be aware of what products can and cannot go down our drains and toilets.

These items should not be flushed or poured down the drain:
• cooking oils and fats
• sanitary items
• paint and chemicals
• wet wipes
• nappies
• plastic objects 
• colostomy bags.

To dispose of your cooking oils and fats for free, pop them in sealed or leak-proof container and dispose of them at Council’s Community Recycling Centre, 167 Southern Cross Drive, Ballina.