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If you can’t find your property’s water meter chances are we can’t either.

Each quarter, water meter readers visit properties across the shire to record water usage for your quarterly bill. But sometimes water meters can get lost amongst dirt, landscaping or overgrown grass. This makes it next to impossible for Council contractors to locate and read a property’s water usage.

When a water meter can’t be located Council staff will contact the resident and then return to the property to try again. Unfortunately, this impacts on Council resources and inevitably costs the ratepayer. 

It's easy to show us your meter! Simply, clear away grass or any other obstructions from around your meter. Another idea is to clearly mark your water meter’s location with a stake and red ribbon.

Water meters are generally read in mid March, June, September and December. So next quarter, remember to find your meter and clear away any obstructions.

For more information, call Council on 1300 864 444.


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Since 2016, residents in Lennox Head have been enjoying crystal clear recycled water which was the first of its kind in regional NSW.

This innovative water project was a long time coming and involved a range of Council staff who worked proactively to offer the sustainable water service to our community. Last month this program, and Council’s Water and Wastewater Treatment Engineer Thomas Lees, was recognised by the Water Industry Operators Association at their annual industry conference in Tamworth.

Thomas won best overall paper for his summary of Lennox Head's recycled water service. Congratulations to Thomas and our Water and Wastewater Team for their winning effort! 

Click here to find out more about recycled water. 



Council has recently commenced the first round of routine plumbing inspections for homes in Ballina Shire that are fitted with recycled water plumbing.

Over the coming weeks, Council's Water and Wastewater staff aim to inspect around 200 homes due for their five-yearly inspection. Council will directly contact property owners who are due for the plumbing inspection, which should only take staff 20-minutes to complete.

These regular plumbing audits are essential to comply with the Section 60 approval (Local Government Act) to supply Recycled Water to residential homes in our shire.

According to this approval homes are required to have a routine plumbing inspection every five years and at any time the house is sold. The first round of audits occurred nearly five years ago, and this round of inspections will ensure we are up-to-date with this requirement. From previous experience, we expect compliance levels to be very high but if issues to arise, such as missing signage, Council staff will work collaborative with home-owners to resolve any issues.

Any major issues, such as incorrect plumbing resulting in a cross-connection will be made safe on-site by our staff. 

This activity will grow into the future as the number of recycled water connections grow to the ultimate planned figure of over 9,000 connections (currently almost 1,400).

More information

Contact our Water and Wastewater Team on 1300 864 444.


Water talk Brooks alsontville water tank rebate 3 MediumWater talk Brooks alsontville water tank rebate 5 Medium

Brook’s chooks and vegie patch are blooming thanks to the fresh rain water from his new water tank. As our drier months begin the Alstonville resident is pleased to know his delicious snap peas and fresh bok choy will continue to happily grow soaking up his tank water. 

Brook uses his water tank to water his garden, clean his car and for his chooks.
Brook saved $1,000 using Rous County Council’s (our bulk water supplier) water tank rebate and was only out of pocket $425 for the cost of his 10,000-litre tank. He is also now saving on his quarterly water bill which has dropped to just $30.

But Brook says although the savings and rebate are a good incentive it wasn’t the main reason he installed the water tank. “I am a big believer in water conservation because water is life. I also enjoy knowing I am decreasing my environmental foot print."

“The rebate process was very easy and I've been suggesting my friends and family also take advantage of Rous’ generous rebate,” Brook added.

By installing a water tank your family could save 50,000 litres a year plus hundreds of dollars off your water bill.

To take advantage of Rous County Council’s water tank rebate program telephone 02 6623 3800 or visit rous.nsw.gov.au


Want to save on your water bill? Take the pressure off your bank account and our region’s water supply by investing in a rainwater tank or recycled water. 

Water is precious and we all need to do what we can to conserve it. By installing a rainwater tank your family could make a real difference and save 50,000 litres a year – that’s the size of a family swimming pool!

Rous County Council (our bulk water supplier) has rebate programs available to residential town water customers who wish to reduce their water consumption by installing a rainwater tank or recycled water tap.

This program is a fantastic initiative that could save you hundreds on material and installation fees! Check your eligibility with Rous County Council by telephoning 02 6623 3800 or visit rous.nsw.gov.au.