Alstonville Sewer Main works

Alstonville's growth calls for new infrastructure.

Council has started works to upgrade the Alstonville Gravity Sewer which involves upsizing the existing trunk gravity sewer main that transports all of Alstonville’s sewage to the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant. 
The existing main was built back in the 70s and is now undersized for the growing town. Upsizing the line will increase the emergency storage capacity of the system, minimise inflow and infiltration from ground water and improve the overall efficiency of the system.

The works will be from Alstonville Treatment Plant to Geoff Watt Oval (along the stormwater easement and across Tanamera Dr)

February - October 2018 

More information
Telephone Ballina Shire Council’s Water and Wastewater Team on 1300 864 444.