If the water coming from your taps is a dirty yellow-brown colour this is normally caused by iron or manganese particles. 

Iron and manganese are metals that occur naturally in water.  Sometimes there is a build-up in pipes and this is disturbed if there is a change of water pressure. 

We sometimes see iron/manganese discolouration in water as a result of a burst water main or use of a fire hydrant.  This is temporary and will clear within a few days.

Is it safe to drink?
While water discoloured by manganese/iron does not necessarily restrict its use for drinking, you are advised in the first instance to contact Council for further advice.

Will discoloured water stain my laundry?
Yes, discoloured water could stain your laundry.

If this happens make sure you keep your washing immersed in water.  Do not let your washing dry.

There are several commercial rust removers that are available from the supermarket, or call Council on 6686 4444 for a free cleaning kit that contains a powder called citric acid.

For more information:

Discoloured water coming out of your taps is usually temporary.  Put a bucket under the garden tap closest to your water meter for a couple of minutes to see if it clears.

If it doesn’t clear, call Council on 6686 1497.

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