If your water bill is higher than usual you may have a leak.  You should check around your property for a leak.  You are responsible for finding and paying for any water leaks on your property.


  • check to see if taps are dripping or water is around the base of your cistern (toilet)
  • check your water meter

You can check your own water loss by turning off all your taps and appliances and simply reading your water meter. If the numbers on your meter change, call a licensed plumber.

Click here to learn how to check your water meter  

  • to test for small water leaks read your water meter before going to bed and check it when you wake up, before you have turned any taps on.  If the meter has changed you have a water leak
  • to check the accuracy of your meter read the meter and then fill a container with a known quantity of water (eg 2 litres).  Check to see if this matches your water meter
  • if you find a leak call a licensed plumber to find and fix the problem.

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