Level 2 Water Restrictions will be in place from 20 January 2020 

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Level 2 water saving measures for residential urban and rural premises include:

• no watering of established lawns
• no water play tools, toys and slides
• fitting all hand-held hoses with on/off trigger nozzles
• watering established gardens is permitted with hand-held hoses for 30 minutes every second day, before 9am or after 4pm on odd or even days of the month to match the house numbering system*
• topping up swimming pools is permitted before 9am or after 4pm using a hand-held hose
• washing cars with hand-held hoses is permitted for 10 minutes before 9am or after 4pm on odd or even days of the month to match the house numbering system*

* Odd/even days correspond to odd/even house numbers i.e. If you live at 11 Smith Dr you can water before 9am or after 4pm on the 1st, 3rd, 5th etc day of the month. No watering or washing on the 31st of the month. 

Download the Level 2 Water Restriction Factsheet for more information


Water restrictions do not apply to your recycled water service. However, council encourages the community to still use their recycled water wisely as all water is precious. We currently have 1,700 recycled water connections across the shire and during last summer 180 million litres of recycled water was used - that means we saved 180 million litres of precious drinking water. Recycled water is supplied to residents within Ballina and Lennox Head, it’s also used to irrigate nurseries, golf courses, agriculture, parks and sporting grounds across the shire.



Can I water my garden on Level 2 restrictions?

Using a watering can, you can water your garden at any time. Otherwise, irrigation systems can be used for up to 15 minutes or handheld hoses with an on/off trigger nozzle can be used for up to 30 minutes – only before 9am or after 4pm on odd or even days that match your house numbering system

What exactly can and can't I do under water restrictions?

Download the detailed table of all water restriction levels

Why do I need a trigger nozzle for my garden hose?

This helps save water because you can easily and instantly turn off the water between plants.

What about my lawns?

No watering is allowed of established lawns. If your lawn goes brown, your neighbours won’t frown!

Is now a good time to lay turf or plant new gardens?

Not really. New vegetation is best laid when natural rainfall is plentiful. However, if you must plant now, the watering in of new turf, lawns and gardens is allowed for one hour between 4pm and 9am for the first two weeks of the date of planting.

What can I do in the house to reduce my water consumption?

• Use your dishwasher only when it’s full.
• Match the water level in your washing machine to the amount of clothes being washed.
• Fix leaking taps and toilets quickly - they are massive water wasters over the long term.
• Listen to your favourite 4-minute song in the shower and finish your shower before the song finishes.

How will restrictions affect my swimming pool on Level 1 restrictions?

New pools can be filled. Topping up pools between before 9am or after 4pm with a handheld hose is allowed, but emptying and refilling pools and spas is not allowed. Water play tools like slip and slides are not to be used.

Can I use water to clean the outdoor areas of my home and property, such as windows and driveways, on Level 1 restrictions?

This is only allowed for health and safety reasons, or only with your local Council’s approval prior to the sale or lease of a property. Efficient, high pressure and low flow rate cleaners with a trigger control are required.

Can I wash my car on Level 2 restrictions?

Using a bucket, you can wash your car at any time. Otherwise, handheld hoses with a trigger nozzle can be used for a no longer than 10 minutes before 9am or after 4pm on odd or even days that match the house numbering system.

Can I wash my boat on Level 2 restrictions?

Better make it quick! Boat washing with handheld hoses with a trigger nozzle is only permitted for up to 10 minutes.

Will public showers and toilets still operate on Level 2 restrictions?

Yes. Public outdoor showers, beach showers and outdoor taps will still be available if they are in working condition.

How do Level 2 water restrictions affect cricket pitches, bowling greens and sports fields?

Not permitted under level 2 restrictions. 

What about golf courses?

It could be time to change your swing. Greens will remain green, but irrigating fairways using mains water is not allowed. Some golf courses have alternative supplies for irrigation that are not from the mains supply.

What can I do to save water if I’m an accommodation provider?

Providing signage in common areas, all rooms and bathrooms, and having egg timers in showers, will help visitors to the region become aware that water restrictions are in place.


Already following the water restriction guidelines but want to do more?

Visit our water saving page for more water saving ideas